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Banded Carnelian Tumblestone

Banded Carnelian Tumblestone

This powerhouse stone will restore any motivation or vitality you may have been lacking. Helping you to make positive life choices, so not only motivating you energetically but motivating you towards success in life. Known as the Artist stone, it will drive creativity in many areas of your life. It’s orange glow will remind you to only store energy that brings you warmth and let go of anything that no longer serves you.


    Chakra – Sacral

    Healing properties – courage, passion,motivation, empowerment, creativity

    Zodiac – Cancer, Aries, Leo, Virgo


    Pick up your product from store for free, option available at checkout.

    £3.20 postage and packaging. 

    3-5 working days. 

    All orders are packaged with great care to assure your product reaches you in one piece.

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