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Onyx Coach Rosie Baglee


Hello and welcome to Onyx!

I'm Rosie and I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer, a 200hr YTT Yoga Teacher and a Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor. I am so excited to have finally achieved my dream of opening an inclusive fitness studio which is a safe a space for absolutely everyone to feel comfortable and confident whilst exercising. I am committed to working as hard as I can to meet your individual needs and find a form of exercise to enjoy, no matter what age, gender, shape or size. 

I left Penrith at 16 and trained as a professional dancer, working on various contracts in different countries around the  world once I’d graduated. I spent a year in India dancing in different shows and Bollywood productions. It was in India that I found my love for Yoga, which brought peace, harmony and balance to the physical demands of the job. After introducing Yoga as a daily practice I knew I wanted to become a teacher one day.


As a dancer, I absolutely loved training in different ways, pushing my limits and exercising to become stronger and fitter. I discovered that there is so much more to keeping fit than just plodding away on a treadmill or repetitively lifting weights and I’m looking forward to proving this to you here at Onyx.

Helping people find a way of moving and exercising in a way they enjoy is what drives me every day and I am fully committed to doing everything I can to support you on your wellbeing and fitness journey.

Whoever you are, you are welcome at Onyx.

Onyx Coach Shannon Colbear


Hi, I'm Shannon. My fitness journey began back in 2016 with a pole dancing class. Over the years this developed into me becoming a pole dance and aerial hoop instructor and then finding the love for the gym which led me to becoming a Level 3 Personal Trainer Specialist as well.
I'm very passionate about helping others find happiness in life and feel good about themselves. I love helping others discover what their bodies are capable of because everyBODY is truly amazing!


Onyx Coach Jess Everett

Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m a Level 3 Personal Trainer and currently undertaking my course to become a LEVEL 4 Nutritionist. My fitness journey began back in 2014, when I first bought a set of dumbbells began resistance training. I’d always been sporty growing up and spent a lot of years playing football and competing in athletics. I’d, likewise, always had an interest in health, hence why I decided to train as a nurse in 2016. 

As social media began to evolve into what it was today I educated myself on resistance training and HIIT and used to complete my own training at home in my garage to try and save some pennies as a student by not having to pay for a gym membership. 

After qualifying as a nurse I joined a gym and decided that I wanted to share my love for training with other people. I completed my Qualification in Personal Training back in 2021 but decided to go and nurse abroad in Australia for a year so decided that when I moved back home I wanted to embark on a new career, sharing my love for training to help others’ become the best version of themselves. 

Not only do I love the way we can train our bodies to become stronger and fitter, but I am passionate about the way exercise can make you feel mentally. I want to spread my love for leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle, incorporating training, healthy habits, self-love and balance. We cannot lead a healthy, happy lifestyle without some indulgence and a balance of all the things we love.



I’m Charlotte. I’ve been a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Class instructor for 3 years now and I LOVE it. I’ve never been so passionate about a job before. I love both parts. Personal training for the personalised plans, building that professional relationship week to week and celebrating everyone’s victories. And with classes I just love the buzz, feeling everyone’s energy and watching everyone work as part of a team. 

I’ve always been into the gym, dancing and sports from a young age. What can I say… I just love the feel good endorphins. I’d say weight training is my favourite but I am loving my running at the minute. I’m all about working on things you find challenging! It’s the only way to improve and get stronger both physically and mentally.

I want to share my love for fitness with you all and help you achieve your goals and aspirations. There’s nothing I love more than watching people grow through their fitness journey. I’ve got such an amazing team already and I can’t wait to meet/work with new faces.

Charlotte x


Onyx Instructor Emma Brown


When I learned to have confidence in my body’s ability, in spite of the physical and emotional pain I felt, everything else followed suit. I remember I used to question myself so much.
My job as a police officer covered up how lonely and unworthy and lacking in confidence I really felt. That uniform of power hid a lot. I would try to be the best at everything in an effort to prove myself, as a single mother, I held down a full time job as a store manager and studied for an Open University degree in Law in the evenings. I would heavily rely on my strategy of doing everything myself to cover up how insecure and vulnerable I felt. I didn’t know how to receive, compliments about my appearance or personality, gifts, friendship, love, because I didn’t feel good enough. I would repeatedly push it all away in a misguided attempt at self protection. My journey of body confidence, and beyond, began in a class in Harrogate, at the Police Treatment Centre. For the first time someone told me there was nothing they could find physically wrong with me, no reason I couldn’t exercise and that I was good at something.
That something was Pilates. I had an innate ability.
Those two weeks of Pilates, Yoga, swimming, walks in the woodland, bike rides, time with friends changed me forever. It was like an extended retreat. And I knew when I returned home life would never be the same again
I was in my mid thirties. I went there for help with my years of chronic back pain. I came back with new friends and feeling inspired by the person I was discovering under the uniform. My life on my return appeared to disintegrate, my relationship ended, my finances were a mess, my health got worse, but all of this was falling apart so I could rebuild.

In the eight or so years since then, I’ve peeled back the layers and learned something new. Body, mind and soul.
I don’t stop, there is always more to learn, more to embody.
Now I teach women how to use the Pilates method to really tune into their body, what muscles are working and how they relate to the movement, how less is often more. To really become aware, and to know their bodies, from the inside out. I mentor women in relationships who are looking to connect more deeply and intimately with their partner by teaching them how to regulate their nervous systems and create emotional flexibility.
My Pilates clients usually want
To do everyday things like work, cook, shop, socialise without pain
To feel more confident in their body and their clothes and how they look
To relax without worrying about the gazillion things on their to do list.
To sleep deeply
To have more energy and motivation
They want to feel good.
We start the class by lying down, and really tuning in to what the body is telling them in that moment.
And I ask them to notice, just notice the shape of the body, the areas of tightness and tension, where it all makes contact with the ground. Can they feel how this muscle is working as they move that part of the body There will often be some puzzled faces, no one has ever asked them that before. I can see the concentration on their faces as they begin to explore what their body can do. Not in terms of how good a workout it feels and how much they’ve pushed their body into something looking like they feel it should. And from that place the journey of education, awareness, mind body connection begins. Because without that higher load and strength can’t be sustained.

In both body and mind. Everything they want will stall until they have confidence in their body, not just how it looks, but it’s ability to support them through life, and believe they are worthy. At the end of the class, I ask them to lie down again and notice the difference. When you invest in yourself, your body, your confidence your self worth
Everything else will follow.

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