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Honey Calcite Tower

Honey Calcite Tower

Honey calcite will teach you how to harness your personal power to manifest and create the life you desire. Increasing your self-worth, confidence, courage and assist you to take control of situations at hand. It is said to amplify vibrations  of other stones surrounding it. Some times our emotions can obscure our reality, honey calcite will clear any blurred lines, giving you clearer understanding. It will pick you up and keep you going whenever you are losing hope or faith.


    Chakra – Sacral, Third eye

    Healing properties – empowerment, confidence, motivation, support, self-development

    Zodiac – Cancer, Leo


    Pick up your product from store for free, option available at checkout.

    £3.20 postage and packaging. 

    3-5 working days. 

    All orders are packaged with great care to assure your product reaches you in one piece.

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