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Aquatine Lemurian Blue Onyx Slice

Aquatine Lemurian Blue Onyx Slice


Anyone who feels a bit scatter-brained will find order and organisation with this stone. Grounding you, keeping you present and in the moment. It will help bring your body, heart and mind all to the same energetic frequency so your whole vibration is on the in line. If you struggle proccessing information or tasks, Lemurian Blue Onyx will be your best friend. 


    Chakras - Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

    Healing properties - balance, reduce stress and worry, reflection, flow

    Said to help boost stamina.

    Zodiac - Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio


    Pick up your product from store for free, option available at checkout.

    £3.20 postage and packaging. 

    3-5 working days. 

    All orders are packaged with great care to assure your product reaches you in one piece.

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